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Lonely Noob test

2010-02-06 19:07:20 by kevlucky7

your a noob if defend something to the death
2.own every single halo ever made
3. watch any galaxy , star wars crap
4. use juggernaut,or CABLE in Marvel vs Capcom
5. actually like twilight (which turned vampire's and werewolf's into homos)
6. play modern warfare for days at a time
7. complain about 360 being better than PS3, etc
8. love a character to death that your page is based of of them
9. you spell noob NEWB
10. if you repeat a meme over and over again
11. know every thing or own everything about marvel
12. if your name has to do about a game and ends with fan (yeah like sonicfan or something)
13. if you make videos on youtube and act like smart ass then notice you got less than 200 views
14. if you watch and memorize a youtube video then recite it on the phone to someone
15. if your worst insult is gtfo or no or plainly flipping someone out
16. follow your only friends around until one curse's you out or punches you in the face
17. if you don't get the message of number 16 and still follow people around
18. if you follow a crowd
19. haven't got a girlfriend and your 15 or older
20. if the lower classes of popularity are cooler than you
where i got the idea


2010-01-28 16:26:49 by kevlucky7

i have had a major headache for two weeks maybe if you ask the kitty you'll find out


this is halarious

2010-01-14 17:59:40 by kevlucky7

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game of year

2010-01-02 12:13:41 by kevlucky7

which Loz is better

2009-12-30 11:46:24 by kevlucky7

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bored as hell

2009-12-28 10:38:25 by kevlucky7

help someone any ideas ?

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well its christmas

2009-12-24 16:06:20 by kevlucky7

well we got a snowstorm couple days ago but anyways got nothin to say but Burn who ever gives you shirt and get like that cat if you get all clothes like seriously you save money for this day and get people shirts that grimy and merry jesusmas

well its christmas

5 things

2009-12-19 19:43:06 by kevlucky7

1.ninjagamer got some animating thing scribblenauts
3.modern warfair is the shit
4.go crazy

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5.not really meaning it but had to

5 things

<--- i change it but its still there that pic (well)

2009-12-15 18:36:49 by kevlucky7

when ferris is getting knocked the fucked up im paunched this kid in the face nothing like a fight but like the turn your face into the fist thing while he's motor boating air and is hiper but some kid made it seem like this

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well yeah

2009-12-11 20:15:57 by kevlucky7

god i got a printer weeks ago and i dont scan but anyway this guy is tighter than a asian's eye (whoa what was that??)

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